Friday, June 10, 2011

Majestic Alpine Glow

The paintings below are of a view of Mt Princeton early in the morning above the valley I live in. The smaller one is the one I did outdoors on location. I camped out at this spot in order to get up at 5am to capture this light on the mountains. It doesn't last for long, the plein air painting took about 20-25 min to complete.

I then used a combination of photos and the plein air piece to complete the larger painting. I decided to paint it when the light is just beginning to hit the top of the mountain when the colors are the most saturated.

Oil - 18x24

Oil 6x8


  1. They are both beautiful - the plein air study and the studio painting. But there is something spontaneous and fresh about the P A that I like the best. The easy brush strokes and subtle colors. Nice paintings, both.

  2. Thanks Jean! The spontaneity of Plein Air painting is a lot of fun!