Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Intensity Of Fall

The Intensity of Fall
24" x 18"
Oil / Canvas

The Fall colors here in Colorado are so intense. It can be hard to believe how bright the colors really are, but they really are this way.

Lately, my interest in painting has been in color. I'm interested in how the impressionists used color to represent light. I've been enjoying studying the California Impressionists work. Particularly, I've been focusing on William Wendt's work. I've also been finding inspiration in Russian painters such as Sergei Bongart. I'm finding how it's so important to build a visual memory from outdoor field studies when you do work in studio such as I did for this piece. I had a photograph handy, but I relied heavily on my memory and imagination for it. You can't get much color from a photo. Photographs can control you, but when you use your memory you'll be free to push the limits.

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