Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Snow Covered Tree Branch

A Snow Covered Tree Branch
Oil / Canvas
8" x 6"
Plein Air

Got up this morning to find out that the mountains had received a lot of snow. So I headed out towards Monarch mountain. My goal was to find some nice snow covered pine trees to paint. Walking out into the woods I found this back light tree branch that I found interesting.

As the sun was coming out the snow on the trees started to melt. Of course, I should have known, a glob of snow fell from a tree above and landed on the palette with a big piece landing directly in my turp jar. Well I guess that's plein air painting. I pulled that snow piece out of my jar, moved the easel, and finished the painting.

Took a photo of where I set up. That's the branch I painted in the middle.

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