Thursday, September 2, 2010

Victor Plein Air

Back Home now from the Victor, CO plein air event. The Opening for the show is this Friday. I did 9 paintings while I was there. I decided to camp out at a reservoir nearby and did 5 paintings the first full day I had there. The next day was really windy but I managed to get a couple done. Upon returning to my campsite that day I found that my tent, and everything in it was stolen, which included, my sleeping bag, air mattress, clothes, and the five paintings I did the day before!

It was rough! However, I managed to paint two more the next day. Below is what survived. I at least have my three for the show. It certainly has been the roughest plein air event I've done but it was fun painting these mines.

Pieces of the Past
Oil 12" x 16"

I did this painting the morning after my stuff got stolen.

Rustic Barn
9" x 16" Oil

I went back and repainted this scene. The one that was stolen was a little larger but I really liked the composition and just had to redo it.

Vindicator Mine
12" x 16" Oil

The mines in Victor are so interesting. So much texture and character.

Mine Debris
10" x 12" Oil

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