Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cascade Trail Adventure

Me and Karen at the beginning of the trail. The trail starts out at Monarch Lake which is a beautiful start!

Monarch Lake

One of the first falls we saw on the way up.

Cascade Trail had these fantastic falls all up the hike

Me and our Friend Mike. Mike's very experienced in backpacking and for me and Karens' first time backpacking we learned a lot. I learned that I need to get a lighter paint box!

One of the views as we got closer to camp

Karen, rocking it up the mountain

Our campsite was surrounded by Mountain Peaks!

Crater Lake!

Mountain Peak above Crater Lake

"Crater Lake Patterns" Oil 10" by 12"

Sketch I did up on Crater Lake before we packed up to head back. My goal for this one was to get a simplified look just getting the basics in. The Mosquitoes were swarming me when I started this painting. After about 30 min they went away- I think after they got their fill of me!

I would love to go back to this area and spend another day to explore more. There were so many beautiful views all around our campsite. Backpacking was rough at times but it was well worth it!


  1. I hiked on the Cascade Trail about 10 years ago...aren't those waterfalls just refreshing??? You can smell the clean in the air. I loved that Pacific Northwest...fell it love with it. Loved that they called a town Rhododendron on the way to the top of Mt Hood. Loved the green, loved the orchards on the glens of the mountains. It was a FABULOUS trip. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Love your painting--want to see more!

  2. Oh yeah I just Loved it Nancy. The wildflowers were gorgeous too... I want to go back so bad!